Showing businesses how to sharpen their content writing and storytelling skills to stand out in the digital world through coaching, consulting and mentoring.

I help individuals and teams take their business to the next level using storytelling and content writing to show their true value.

I run presentations and workshops, masterclasses and mentoring programmes for anyone who writes to market a business. We work on the mindset and techniques that can take a writer’s work from average to exceptional, based on my journalism training and experience including

➢   Reporter, ABC TV News and 7.30 Report

➢   Producer/ content editor, Nine News Sydney

➢   Supervising producer/ content editor, Today Show

➢   Bureau Chief, A Current Affair

➢   Lecturer TV Journalism, WA Academy of Performing Arts

I’m in Perth but you don’t have to be.

We can Skype, FaceTime or video conference to work on better writing and stronger storytelling to give you a bolder voice in the digital world.

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