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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” Seth Godin

I’m a writer and former journalist, now working with businesses to sharpen their storytelling skills and stand out in the digital world.

Having a media background means that I approach writing in a slightly different way to traditional marketing writers. It’s about creating high quality, original content that’s story driven and audience focused, while also showcasing the brand and its value.

My training and experience is from the high-pressure world of TV news and current affairs where storytelling aims to inform, involve and inspire the audience to take action, even if it’s ‘just’ sharing the story with others. I worked first as a reporter then behind the camera as a producer and sub-editor for national programs covering hard news, current affairs and breakfast television.

After leaving TV to have a family, and after completing degrees in sociology and education, I began working with businesses and got great satisfaction from helping them to uncover the real stories that were often overlooked in their marketing. I also discovered that the journalism practice I had always followed, the mindset and techniques, could help lead to greater clarity and effectiveness for marketing writers.

Now I’ve called upon my experience, training and studies to design programs and practical workshops that help individuals and teams to develop their own storytelling practice to be more effective, creative and productive.

All storytelling can be purposeful, designed to make a difference.

Yours included.

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