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I’m an award winning journalist who helps you to find and tell the stories that people want to hear: the true stories of your business.

When people search your website, skim your social media, read your blog or newsletter – are they getting the best of you?

Too often, businesses make it hard for buyers because their communications are cluttered and confusing, or just uninspiring. Their strengths go unnoticed because the stories aren’t being told well. Or not being told at all.

One of the most powerful ways to tell real stories is to use a journalist’s mindset – we are trained to deliver the stories people want.

I’ve been a journalist, sub editor and producer with Australia’s top TV news and current affairs shows. Now I work with marketing teams, business owners and motivated entrepreneurs to take their marketing from run of the mill to remarkable. Get in touch if you’re ready to be bold with your brand.

As a TV journalist I wrote so the audience kept coming back. Now I’m a journalist for brands, I help businesses do it for themselves.

Journalism is storytelling with a purpose and for businesses hungry to connect with the right people, it’s a proven way to make sure the customer’s needs are met every time.

These days you have to put your audience first. They won’t stick around if your content is just about selling. By giving information and inspiration in your field of expertise, you can build trust, boost sales and inspire loyal advocates.

When you pinpoint what people want, you can write about the topics that mean something to them. Just edit for clarity and simplicity, add great images and publish in the places that are a natural fit.

Get in touch to talk about how to clarify your messages, simplify your stories and amplify your business.

Audiences are captivated by video storytelling – there’s no doubt it’s here to stay and I can help to showcase your business on camera.

Video offers the best way to show who you are, what you do and why it matters. Telling your stories through video is like opening a window into your business – it’s an invitation to come inside and get to know you.

Our brains are wired to connect deeply when we see real people, speaking genuinely. Video offers a powerful way to tell real stories about why buyers should choose you.

I can help tell authentic stories that are right for your brand. There’s magic in what you offer, the team behind it and the people who love it. Audiences love case studies, showing people just like them who have benefited from what you sell.

I can work with you for part of the process from concept creation to scriptwriting, or I can manage the whole production using the crews I trust to tell stories well. Get in touch to tell your stories.

When you draw people to you by giving away information that’s valuable and relevant to them, it’s content marketing. 

There’s a widely held belief that the online world is noisy, busy and overcrowded – a daunting place where it’s hard to earn and keep the attention of buyers. But is it really?

It’s hard to stand out if you are just selling, with messages that are cluttered or the same as everybody else’s. Buyers will judge you on price alone if they can’t see how you are different from your competition. Businesses that stand out offer value to people before they buy. It’s an opportunity waiting to be seized.

There are buyers looking for what you sell, searching Google, asking friends and checking reviews. When they get to you, give them proof you know your stuff with interesting, relevant and useful material. The content on your website, in blog posts and articles, videos and podcasts will be marketing for you. Content marketing.

I’d love to talk to you about content marketing using writing and video. Get in touch to let me know how I can help.

Pushing your message through copywriting and advertising won’t work anymore. Now you have to draw an audience in with value and authenticity.

Trust. Reputation. Relationships. They’ve never been more important to business. Or harder to manage authentically. People have lost faith in the business sector, and these days they’ve got the power to ignore its marketing and advertising.

How can businesses win back their customers and clients?

Many companies now employ journalists to tell their brand stories. They’re skilled at finding the most attention-grabbing best stories and telling them in a compelling way. But you don’t have to hire a journalist – you can learn to do what they do.

I coach individuals and teams to help them develop the skills to tell worthwhile stories in an excellent way. Find out how to turn your copywriting into genuine and valuable content, using your real brand voice.

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“Sherene is producing a suite of videos for Helena College, telling ‘our story’ in an authentic and engaging way. She helps us promote the College with professionalism, innovation and flair.

Julie Carlton
Director, Community Relations

“Sherene’s passion for journalism, combined with great attention to detail made for a world class producer. The industry misses her talent. 

Angelos Frangopoulos
CEO Sky News Australia

“ Sherene encouraged me to see how important my own persona is to my business when I was stuck writing a video script and speaking on camera. Sherene’s passion for getting to the heart of a business offers a fresh way of marketing.

Kelly Hine
Body & Soul Retreats

“Sherene is professional, capable and skilful. She helped rewrite my media releases and instilled a confidence in me to give video a go. I would recommend her to anyone to improve their business using video, smart writing & the media.

Jo Atkinson
Real Food Families